Kotton Grammer OMG

As the owner of Chris Wyatt SEO, I just wanted to give special thanks to my mentor, Kotton Grammer OMG. I have been in online marketing for several years now, and while I’ve had many ups and downs, it wasn’t until I met Kotton that I really started to make real actual progress.

It isn’t just the vast amount of knowledge that blows me away in regards to Kotton Grammer OMG. It’s the way that he taught me to actually carry myself as an entrepreneur, and how to run my company effectively, efficiently, and correctly. I’ve doubted myself significantly in the past, but lessons in bouncing through time, establishing real credibility, and how to handle many different situations, have all played a gigantic role of destroying that barrier and moving forward in my career.

Some of the lessons have even helped in my personal life, where I’ve struggled for many years with different personal demons and issues that have crippled my ability to really flourish.

I couldn’t have done it without him, and for that, I’m forever grateful. Thank you, Kotton!